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Götzis 2015: "Catch a failing star?" (2)

Chris Vlamynck
May 31, 2015

Damian Warner fails for the third time in the shot put! Another star, another favorite goes out. It happens to the best. In his best decathlon Warner produced a 10.43 sec and a 7.39 m jump (1900 points for the two). Here in the Moesle stadium he did respectively 10.37/7.63 or 73 points ahead. A Canadian record in the making? We’ll have to wait.

Damian was leading after one and two, Rico Freimuth on his heels and now taking over in the shot put with a pb of 15.47 m. In the high jump Jeremy Taiwo “jumped” in the driver’s seat, 2m15 and becoming the leader with 3493 points, Rico Freimuth sinking to number 22 with only 1m91 in the high jump (3455 points)

Damian Warner continues his decathlon. As we can imagine it’s a big disappointment for him and his coaches. Is he going to continue and, okay if you continue, but will it look as just trying against all odds. Wrong. Damian jumped 2.00 m in a high jump competition with strong wind changes but then won the 400 m in a very respectable personal best time of 47.04 sec. With a time of 47.30 sec Kai Kazmirek became the first day winner with 4409 points. At the end of the day this are some first day results: 2 Taiwo 4388; 3 Freimuth came back 4331; 4 Schrader 4303; 5 Sintnicolaas 4260; 6 Coertzen 4230; 7  Braun 4225; 8 Wiesiolek 4218;  9 Auzeil 4193; 10 Brugger 4191; 11 Mikhan 4176; 12 Garcia 4169; 13 Shkurenev 4150.

It’s waiting for what will happen on Sunday and the second day specialists to know if someone is in a good position.

Chris for Decathlon 2000

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ChrisB wrote on May 31, 2015
Rico Freimuth not "sinking" to 22 but just dropped to number 3and stayed there after the fifth event! Slip of the fingers!!
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ChrisB wrote on May 31, 2015
Sorry Rico!
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