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Götzis 2016: Fastest time ever run in the 100m (0)

Chris Vlamynck
May 28, 2016

There was a lot of rain last night, but the new day started with a sunny morning and that made me happy. My prognosis for this weekend is Warner, Mayer and Kazmirek, each with a personal record. That’s my idea in the morning. Damians coach already said that his pupil wants to break the 100 meter stadium record and maybe stronger than that! At the end of the sixth race of that 100, I understood what he meant with that. Everyone was in awe when he ran 10.15. Ashton Eaton is not the fastest decathlon runner anymore. I think I even saw some drops of sweat on the forehead of the organizers who didn’t took an extra insurance against the world record.

Damian Warner broke the Decathlon World Record by running 10.15 seconds in the 100m! Photo by Olavi Kaljunen /

But already the second event was disturbing a dream.

The long jump started as bad as possible for Damian Warner, stepping on the board for his first jump. The next one was a safety jump: 7m12! He tried the full amount on his third. Stepping on the board he jumped in my perception about 8 meters . Aawch that hurts. The organizers? Did I saw signs of relieve among them? Just joking guys.

Meanwhile there was very good running and jumping.

100 m

Felipe dos Santos 10.50

Kai Kazmirek 10.62

Yordani Garcia 10.65

Garrett Scantling 10.66

Rico Freimuth 10.71

Long Jump

Ashley Bryant: 758

Arthur Abele: 757

Jorge Urena: 747

Felipe dos Santos: 746

Kai Kazmirek: 745

So who was leading after the second event? Believe it or not, Damian Warner was leading with one point: 1901 to 1900 from dos Santos. Two potential medal contenders, Rico Freimuth and Jan Felix Knobel had no match in the Long Jump, what meant that Arthur Abele and Kai Kazmirek from the German team where staying. … But not for long! Arthur abele, Bastien Auzeil and Yordani Garcia out in the shot put. Warner stays in the lead after throwing a decathlon best of 14m64. Warner 2669, Kazmirek 2600 (14.05), dos Santos 2584 (13.27), Kevin Mayer 2572 (15.22), Scantling 2565 (15.62). Jeremy Taiwo 2551 (14.84). Between number 2 and 11 less than a hundred points!

Shot put

Garrett Scantling: 15.62

Kevin Mayer: 15.22

Jan Felix Knobel: 14.89

Jeremy Taiwo: 14.84

Pieter Braun: 14.75

Damian Warner: 14.64

The high jump provided a new leader because Jeremy Taiwo jumped 18 cm higher than Damian Warner. Taiwo 3524, Warner 3472, Kazmirek 3459, Mayer 3375, Scantling 3368, Sykora 3348.

Audience of Götzis going crazy when Jeremy Taiwo had cleared 2.18m and was attempting 2.24m. Photo by Olavi Kaljunen /

High Jump

Jeremy Taiwo: 218 203°/206°/209 xx°/212°/215°/218 x°/221 -/224 xxx

Kai Kazmirek: 206

Jorge Urena: 203

Janek Õiglane: 203

Adam Sebastian Helcelet: 200

Damian Warner: 200

Kevin Mayer: 200

Garrett Scantling: 200

Pawel Wiesiolek: 200

Niels Pittomvils: 200

Pieter Braun: 200

Jeremy (PB 225) tried to break the stadium record. Once he flew over 218, he decided to try 224. Christian Schenk sailed to a stadium record of 223 in 1990.

Up to the 400 m and the expectation is that two strong 400m runners like Kai Kazmirek and Damian Warner can push each other to strong results. Kazmirek 47.01 and Warner 47.13. The only two athletes to dive under the 48.47 from Dominik Distelberger. Take note that young Jiri Sykora (CZE) is ranking 4th! The wind played an important influence today, especially in the jumps for men as well as for women.

At the end of the day Damian takes the lead again:

4424 Warner

4417 Kazmirek

4373 Taiwo

4211 Sykora

4186 Mayer

4178 dos Santos

4171 Braun

4165 Scantling

Chris Vlamynck for Decathlon 2000

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