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Who can register as user of Decathlon 2000 and how is it done?
All people who value a healthy lifestyle, sports and first and foremost decathlon or heptathlon can register as users. The registration is free of charge. To register, you have to fill in the registration form. The server will send your password to your e-mail account right away.

Why do I have to enter my e-mail address?
You have to enter your e-mail address, because otherwise we will not be able to send you your password or any other relevant information. Other users can see your e-mail address only if you decide to show it.

Why do I have to register as a user?
Registered users have several benefits:
* An opportunity to add comments wherever this feature has been enabled
* An opportunity to post on the forums, as most topics on forums ask the readers to log in

I registered, but I cannot log in!
* Were you presented with a confirmation message of a successful registration on the registration page and did you receive an e-mail with similar information? You should normally receive an e-mail containing your password within a couple of minutes, but sometimes it takes longer than that. If you did not get any e-mail messages from us within 24 hours, go to Contact page and contact us
* Check whether the junk e-mail filter in your mailbox is not set on a too high level. If this is the case, e-mails from unknown senders are occasionally identified as junk and you will find our e-mail containing your password from your junk e-mail folder
* Didn’t you, by any chance, enter your "other" e-mail address as your username? People often have several e-mail addresses, but only the one you typed in while registering can function as your username
* If you have your username and your password, check twice whether you typed them in correctly. You should not use any spaces, we advise you to use lower-case letters when you type in your e-mail address and the password has to be identical to the one we sent you