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How about tips for training, latest news, photos and videos! How about records, statistics? Lists of the best throwers, jumpers and runners in combined events!  What’s the best result for the second day in decathlon or heptathlon? What’s the second best result for the first day or the tenth best? What’s the best average for ten best decathlons from one person. A list of this items? Decathlon 2000 provides this facts and so much more.

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Richard Crawford started a topic
Mar 01, 2021
There are several topics already in this subforum (for example, see Gunther Sonnemann's 2018 …
 Fairness of the Scoring Tables
Richard Crawford started a topic
Feb 25, 2021
I began building databases of decathlon and heptathlon performances since 2002. I have applied …
Daniel Urien replied to a topic
June 25, 2020
Perhaps Willim Motti with 8550 points (31/05 ‐01/06 1990 [. . . ] was an exhibition, but not …
 8000+ solo decathlon
GOUSSET started a topic
June 16, 2020
French decathlete Axel Hubert (official best at 7820pt) just realized 8113pt in a solo decathlon at …
 8000+ solo decathlon
Janek Salmistu replied to a topic
May 14, 2020
Here you can find records and lists for each individual [...]
 Decathlon Records For Each Events
viktor replied to a topic
May 12, 2020
Кузнецов [...] 1962)
 1962 scoring tables
Decathlete2000 started a topic
May 09, 2020
What are the world records for each event in the decathlon? I know Ashton Eaton holds the 400m …
 Decathlon Records For Each Events
Daniel Urien replied to a topic
Apr 15, 2020
With scoring table 1962, 8350 becomes 7955 points.
 1962 scoring tables
Maurizio Viezzi started a topic
Apr 07, 2020
Can anybody help me? In 1959 Kuznetsov did 8357 in Moscow and 8350 in Philadelphia. When scored on …
 1962 scoring tables
Decathlete2000 started a topic
Aug 09, 2019
The official IAAF guidelines are 8 ‐ 12g/kg/day for somebody who competes at least at …
 High carb versus low carb (and more)?