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Götzis 2016: Second edition of the Canadian Games! (0)

Chris Vlamynck
May 29, 2016
Damian Warner wins with 8523 points and my prognosis for the top three was a good one. Brianne Theisen-Eaton won the heptathlon, so this was a second edition of the Canadian Games!

Sunday, yes, but not really a sunny day. They predicted rain for today but we just saw five races of the 110 hurdles and the weather is all right. It’s warm and clouded but do you remember what I said about the wind? They made preparations to change the direction for the long jump women (and changed it again). But first hurdles. As yesterday there was now race in the 100m with a headwind, there was now race in the hurdles with a tailwind today. It was zero or minus what meant no decathlon pr for Damian Warner. He ran a good 13.72 with a headwind of -1.1 making a gap of 76 points. Pb’s for Sykora (14.36), Samuelsson (14.52), Scantling (14.15) and Mayer (14.06).

Kevin Mayer, Garrett Scantling, Pieter Braun, Adam Sebastian Helcelet and Dominik Distelberger. Photo by Olavi Kaljunen /

13.72 Damian Warner

14.06 Kevin Mayer

14.15 Garrett Scantling

14.24 Jorge Urena

14.25 Kai Kazmirek

14.36 Jiri Sykora

Standings: Warner 5435, Kazmirek 5359, Taiwo 5260, Mayer 5153, Sykora 5140, Scantling 5120. Now we have to look what Kevin is doing because he can even be a threat to Damian. Discus starts and Kevin Mayer throws a life time best of 48.99 while Damian Warner (often throwing in training at least 48.00 and having a best of 50.26) makes a 47.79. Kai Kazmirek far under his best (of 45.83) throws 39.56! If Kevin continues to do pb’s on his second day he can break Dave Johnsons day two record. In fact repeating his pb’s from now on gives him 4491 points for the second day (5.35/66.09/4:18.04). So it depends on doing good in the last three events.

Kevin Mayer on the foreground, Kai Kazmirek and Damian Warner behind the cage. Photo by Olavi Kaljunen /

Pole vault

Warner starts with 460. No problem. 470 on his second. It started to rain. Slowly at first and then the full amount. The pole vault competition was postponed. Starting again: Warner 480 … xxx out! Now the difference between this 470 and the 535 pb from Kevin is huge (but at the moment we don’t know what Kevin Mayer will jump). The competition goes on but after a while they have to postpone it again because of the rain. Kevin Mayer starts at 500 without a problem. Niels Pittomvils and Kai Kazmirek: 500. Mayer and Pittomvils go to 520. Kai tries an intermediate 510 but fails to fly over it. Mayer very convincingly over 500 with much to spare, but he fails on 520. Pittomvils 520 and three misses over 530. Dominik Distelberger flew over 500, a pb for him (previous 493).

520 Pittomvils

500 Mayer

500 Distelberger

500 Kazmirek

490 Scantling

490 Taiwo

Standings: Warner 7078, Kazmirek 6925, Mayer 6912, Taiwo 6848, Scantling 6818, Distelberger 6721, Sykora 6701. The difference between Warner and the next two guys is 153 to Kazmirek and 166 to Mayer. It can only go wrong for Warner if he’s following events are super very very bad and if the others do super-life-time-bests.


Two groups A and B. Here are the mixed results:

67.11 Adam Sebastian Helcelet

66.47 Ashley Bryant

65.77 Kevin Mayer

65.02 Janek Õiglane

62.22 Garrett Scantling

60.32 Tim Nowak

59.97 Dominik Distelberger

After two throws: Mayer 60.77, Warner 54.61! The final throws they went both much further. Warner threw 58.72, Mayer 65.77. A difference of more than a hundred points. Helcelet was doing a perfect series of throws: 65.25/65.95/67.11 (pb) and won the event.

1500 m

Kevin Mayer has a pb of 4:18.04. Aleksandr Apaychev has a second day record of 4385 points with the old javelin in 1984 and Sebastien Levicq has a 4380 (1999) points record with the new javelin. Both are European second day records. If Kevin was able of running 4:17.38, he could break the European Record on the second day with the new javelin doing 4381 points. If running 4:16.66 it would be without discussion the European record (with old or new javelin). Damian new what to do. Staying close to Mayer would give him the victory. They ran respectively W:4:32.83, M: 4:35.45 K: 4:38.32. The second day record is for another time, Damians 8800 as well.

Warner wins with 8523 and my prognosis for the top three was a good one. Brianne Theisen-Eaton wins the heptathlon, so this was a second edition of the Canadian Games!

Hypomeeting Götzis 2016 Heptathlon Podium - Photo by Olavi Kaljunen /


Hypomeeting Götzis 2016 Decathlon Podium - Photo by Olavi Kaljunen /

I’m tired but satisfied, because there’s now sports competition like Decathlon for men or Heptathlon for women! So please check your favorite internet site Decathlon 2000 for the final results!

Canadian champions of Götzis together. Photo by Olavi Kaljunen


Chris Vlamynck for Decathlon 2000

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