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Robert Fournier
Jan 11, 2015

Here’s a picture of the race where I ran my fastest 1500 of my life (3:58.6). I’m the guy leading, and I’m pretty sure this was the 1st lap.

It’s kind of blurry because it was taken with a lousy camera and I zoomed in on the race.

This was run in an open 1500 meter race in Berkeley, California in March 1985 about 2 or 3 weeks before I ran the 4:01.4 in the Sacramento, CA decathlon.

I had splits of 61, 66 (slowed down after I heard that 61 split), 63, 48 (Last 300 meters was 28 (200) / 20 (100)!!) My friend was taking the split times at 1400 mark.

I started my kick a little too soon after passing the 1200 mark, and did the next 200 in 28 seconds! With 75-100 meters to go, I felt my legs start to tighten up and by the time I got 50 meters from the finish line, I started to crawl!

I had almost come to a complete stop at the finish line! I was headed for about 3:53-:54, if I would have gone a little slower after going past the 1200. I should’ve gone 29/14-15, instead of 28/20. I did end up winning the heat though!

It was the WORST I’ve EVER felt after finishing a race to this day! I had a headache for about an hour or two, after finishing that race.

The 4:01.4 felt a LOT harder during the race, because I was fatigued from 2 days of competition and heat, but I felt fine after finishing the race.

Probably because I still had some energy left after crossing the finish line. My splits from the 4:01.4 were about 65, 66, 65, 45.

That’s the ONLY picture I have that I KNOW is a picture of a PR!

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