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Chris Vlamynck
May 30, 2015
Damian Warner: ready to break the Canadian record from Michael Smith?

Six in the morning, I can’t sleep anymore. First thing I think about is that I forgot to mention in yesterday’s article that I asked Damian Warner if he was ready to break the Canadian record from Mike Smith (8626/1996). (Shame on me.) However last time I asked it a year ago (or two years?) he and his coach Gar said “ O we are not really busy with that”, but this time it was different. “The Canadian record definitely has to fall this year” the sooner the better. Another athlete that hopes to do a national record is Keisuke Ushiro. The TV guys from his country are following him all the time. Very nice guy, very approachable but I don’t understand a word of what he’s saying. It’s all sounds like Japanese to me. The Eatons of course want what they call in German a doppelsieg – a double victory!

Hypo meeting in Euros

This week I saw press chief Renate and ask her how much the assurance costs, against a world record as you can think. “You don’t want to know Chris”.  I still like her.

Here are other numbers she could give me. For a world record, 50.000 Euros (not dollars). That’s 9040 points or more. Another 11.000 if  going over 9100 points. “Stadionrekord” 20.000! Means 9027 points or more. A Götzis -record in one event is worth a 1000 Euros. While I’ am writing this it is 10.30 in the morning and Ashton Eaton has an announcement to make: “I will make it short. I’ am not competing!” Then he urge the multi events fans to focus their full attention to the entire field of decathletes and heptathletes. Damian Warner must be top favorite now. Nevertheless I will keep an eye on Jeremy Taiwo, Michael Schrader, Kai Kazmirek, Rico Freimuth, Keisuke Ushiro, Eelco Sintnicolaas and not to forget Ilya Shkurenyov. Together with Damian the top eight?

Chris in the morning for Decathlon 2000

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