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Chris Vlamynck
May 31, 2010

Interview with Bryan Clay, Götzis 2010
by Chris Vlamynck for Decathlon 2000

What’s important to you right now, Bryan?

Right now it’s important to me to enjoy and to stay healthy . In 2008 my body was broke down and in 2009 I had an injury. This year training went good but competing against people like Trey can be stressful. But I had the best training in a really long time. So I’m anxious to see what will happen this year. If I do what my coaches told me to do and I have good weather – who knows!

The world record?

Well you know people have in mind that world records are not just world records. It’s something in their mind that has to be broken. They see Bolt and he breaks a world record. They see him next year and he’s doing it again! I have the feeling that the decathlon world record is much more difficult. Roman puts the bar extremely high! You need the perfect meet. Weather is one of the things we have to compete with. The world record is definitely possible. But I will only know after nine events if I can run the time that is needed for the record.

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