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Interview with Trey Hardee, Götzis 2010 (1)

Chris Vlamynck
May 31, 2010

Interview with Trey Hardee, Götzis 2010
by Chris Vlamynck for Decathlon 2000

Trey, Tomaš Dvorak once said that the world record over 9000 points seemed to him at that specific moment the most important thing. Even more than an Olympic medal! Do you agree with him?

He said that? (… Hesitating.) Well you know world records will be broken. To me winning the Olympics is an amazing accomplishment. An athlete doesn’t know always the outcome of his decathlon. But one thing is for shore I train to win. I suspect that a medal in the Olympics lasts for a longer time in peoples memory than a world record. They ask for the world record holder and that’s the last one.

Who is the greatest athlete in the world?

Roman for now.

What changed for you after winning the world championships?

The biggest thing for me and my coaches was confidence. Knowing we didn’t do all this for nothing. We looked what was best for me.

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Illimar Pilk wrote on Sep 01, 2011
Not roman... you are
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