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At the end of the indoor season - Curtis Beach (0)

Ashton Eaton's effort overshadowed the effort of Curtis Beach, who ran the 1000 meters in 2:27.88. The fastest indoor time ever recorded, surpassing the 2:29.42 Wisconsin's Joseph Detmer ran in the same place in 2007.

"I knew I had a shot from the beginning," Curtis said. "I was just going to run the pace I wanted to the whole time. I’m glad I finished on a positive note".

Asked about his goal for last weekend, Curtis said “improve on my score from this year wich I didn’t do, but one thing I was happy for, is to redeem that 2.41 I ran this year in my previous heptathlon. Yes that was so bad!” (Note: Curtis Beach 26/02/2010 5579p/last weekend 5533p.)

Beach did just that, though not many in attendance seemed to notice. The crowd instead was focused on Eaton. But multi eventers are not like other athletes, " It’s amazing to witness 6499 points as a world record in an event that I really like. I'm so happy for Ashton," Curtis said. "He's the type of athlete that everyone wants him to do well. I'm glad the focus was on him. I see his mark and hopefully that's a mark that I can shoot for one day. I'm going to enjoy competing with him at some meets down the road."

How it felt to break the world record in the heptathlon 1000 meters? “It was fun. I knew that I could do it if I could stay on pace. It’s nice to know that I’m the first athlete ever to do more than a 1000 points in the last event!” (2.27,88 equals 1013 points) “And I’m glad to have at least some part in helping Ashton to do that 2.32 to break the record.”

What do you take away from this weekend for the outdoors? What is your goal for the decathlon? “The world record for the 1500 meters is 3.58 and my pb is 4.07,85 (last year), so I guess I can go for that. I will go for the highest score possible and work on speed and strength and hopefully I’l be there for the 1500. Under 4 minutes would be awesome but my focus is speed and strength now”.

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