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Wind rule in combined events (3)

Apr 13, 2010

Dear combined events friend,

Some time ago you reacted on my point of view concerning the new wind rule in combined events.
We have brought this view to the attention of IAAF and they have now taken the following decision, as you can read on the reaction of the General Secretary of IAAF, mr. Pierre Weiss, hereunder:

I would like to repeat first what I told you in Doha: I don’t say that the Congress in Berlin has taken a wise decision but I said also that

- The 213 National Federations received the rule change proposal 3 months prior to the Congress Meeting ! No reaction !
- In Berlin, nobody asked for the floor or wanted to discuss (or contest) this proposal !
- In Berlin, this proposal was approved unanimously !
- The text was displayed on our website site two days later !
- No reaction from any one: National Federations, athletes, coaches, meet organisers for six months!

I really don’t consider that the “IAAF “ is guilty of doing any mistake: the problem is with the National Federations in general, and the Combined Events community in particular ! You all have to be responsible for your actions (or lack of action !)

In addition, the arguments pointed out were not so strong if we look at the statistics .....

This being said, the matter was raised during the Council Meeting and it was decided not to change the decision which had been taken by the Congress. The Rule 260.27 is confirmed.

However, this rule 260 refers only to ratification of World Records and not qualification for the World Championships or the Olympic Games; therefore, the Council took a second decision : “For qualification to the World Championships, the conditions of the wind specified in the previous text (IAAF Competitions Rules 2009) shall apply”. I think that this is an acceptable compromise.

Meanwhile I have brought over my compliments to mr. Pierre Weiss that IAAF Council has taken this decision. We have to take into consideration that the decision was taken by the highest organ within IAAF and that the Council cannot just ignore such a decision. Therefor we have to be thankful to IAAF that hey nevertheless have looked serious and carefully to the excisting situation and that they have decided to accept the old rule for the qualification marks for world championships. This also opens other areas and countries to act in the same way in the coming season.

As mr. Weiss stated in his reaction we have to be more alert on rule change proposals on forehand. I will take actions with some leading persons in the combined events world how we can organize this in future and also how we can bring ideas for the benifit of combined events to the responsible persons within IAAF.

In my world rankings 2010 I will mark the wind assisted marks according to the old rule with a capital "W" and performances with the new wind rule with a small "w". This will make it direct clear under which wind conditions the performance was achieved.

With kind regards,

Hans van Kuijen

Comments (3)

B.J. Parish wrote on Apr 14, 2010
ok maybe i am missing something here i do not know who was in the room when this ridiculous rule was voted on or even proposed, but if there was anyone that is anyone that has something to do with the multis in that room they would have said somehting unless they were dead or sleeping!

anyone else agree with me?

if there was someone in the room who knows the multis why did they not say something?
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ChrisB wrote on Apr 14, 2010
I totally agree with you B.J.
If it was a rule concerning Usain Bolt or Isinbayeva, everery newspaper would have written about it, and they (the dead and sleeping) know that so well. Multi events are fascinating but more complicated to some people because you need your head (some calculating is needed). Nevertheless the National Federations are to blame. The only thing they had to do - to have an open discussion about the matter - is simply send an article to decathlon2000!
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Bill Darby wrote on May 23, 2011
How do i approach the problem of constructing year lists or all-time lists when wind readings are not known. Do we assume the maximum legal wind in where the wind reading is unknown. If so, is it 2.0mps or 4.0mps . Alternatively should we take no account of wind readings and construct lists just using total score, date achieved, position in competition etc. I am cuurently reconstructing the 1971 all-time list as part of a larger project and would appreciate any comments.
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