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Petros Kyprianou
Sep 01, 2010
arrived in Eugene, OR Decathlon starts on Thursday
08.06.2010 18:19
Decathlon promotions
arrived safely in Oregon...the weather forecast calls for rain and temperatures in the low 10 degrees celsius during the decathlon!nice and cool for the decathletes.
Decathlon starts on Thursday at 10am with the 100m! (I will do my best to provide some info during the decathlon. Hope that my phone can handle blogging here.
Until then...
getting ready for Eugene...
02.06.2010 01:37
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It has been a very busy year so far...but it ends in Eugene, OR for Ashton Eaton and his collegiate legacy. My group and I are ready for this long trip across the USA and, more than anything we look forward to Ashton's new surprise score...what would that be? With a 10''19 and an 8.04m fresh from last week Oregon fans are gathering to Track Town USA for something special. Once again decathletes and coaches will feel special! It is expected that more than 20,000 people will gather to watch Ashton and the championships in general.
I will do my best to blog inside the competition live! My decathletes and I are thrilled for this opportunity.


experiencing the 6499....
14.03.2010 18:45
Decathlon athletes
well that was something else...during this past weekend I have had the privilege to be at the NCAA Indoor championships coaching one of my heptathletes at the same time Ashton Eaton was cruising through some big marks. As I have mentioned before, this guy is on a solid pace to break more records. Believe it or not he is "new" to this event!!! His techniques are still far behind from being efficient!!!yes I think he has about 150 points or more on this 6499...obviously his shot put can get a lot better (not an event that will make huge difference) but the event he can collect some big points are the pole vault and the long jump. He has the speed and explosive energy to put into those events. Furthermore, his pole vault started looking more consistent and I think can vault 5.40m soon. He has cleared 5.26 from 12 steps...I can see him being a 8.20m LJer and 5.40m-5.50m soon!
03.03.2010 05:40
Decathlon athletes
well it may come earlier than we thought...Ashton Eaton is improving 2 key events that are crucial for his 9k route! It appears that coach Mara's long time in the decathlon has done a terrific job so far. Ashton had 2 new pbs this past weekend in the shot put and pole vault! this kid just learned to pole vault about 3 years ago...well now he is a world class vautler @ 5.26m!!!
I wish Ashton and Coach Mara the best and hopefully they strike close to or at the 9k target! In addition, significant part in Ashton's development should also go to his former coach (Dan Steele)
working with some true ones...
02.03.2010 01:16
Decathlon athletes
Hello again...we just came back from our second heptathlon of the year. My decathletes had a great heptathlon meet and collected some great experience especially my new decathlon athlete Cory are is my deca men and their marks so far:

This week's results:
1. Tommy Barrineau: 5700pts
3. Cory Holman: 5527pts (FIRST YEAR DOING MULTI-EVENTS)
6. David Silverstein: 4900pts

The rest of my decathlon group (will start their season in May)

Michael Ayers:
decathlon 7794pts (2009), heptathlon 5717pts (2009)
(mixed individual) 10"94, 7.36m, 13.49m, 2.00m, 49''12
15''71, 41.07m, 5.18m, 59.63m, 4'41''36

Ben Davies:
decathlon 7386pts (2007)
notable events: 400m: 48''00, Javelin: 68.98m
Making decathlon exciting again...
03.02.2010 05:23
Decathlon promotions
My deca boys and I are always trying to figure out ways to make decathlon exciting again...just the idea of creating battles like the ones between Daley Thompson and Jurgen Hingsen gives me the chills...
One of my best friends and decathlon addict Pauldeca from Greece and I were thinking to establish a dual Deca meet between my 4 guys against the top 4 Greek Decathletes(all must have a pb of over 7000pts)...We will make it a decathlon fiesta in a small town in northern Greece were my American decathletes can spend their holidays and train/compete in Greece. No need for sponsors or big time federation support since each decathlete will pay for their own way...think: how much money we all spend every year on vacation and/or buying unnecessary stuff...well my decas thought of that and saved the money! now it is up to the Greek boys to accept the challenge and play host:-)
I hope this move will motivate other countries to establish dual decathlon meets...the support will come but most importantly the decathletes will get to do another competitive decathlon and take another chance on improving their scores!
Ashton Eaton
31.01.2010 16:41
Decathlon athletes
well i have to say this young man is a 9000pts prospect....i have known Ashton since 2006 when I tried to recruit him. This guy has only 3 full years of decathlon under his belt....5 years ago was a 10"80 i the 100m, saw him foul a 7.50m LJ nothing that the common eye will tell that this kid will be one of the 9K candidate. Today after only 3 full years of decathlon we get 6256pts (USA Collegiate record) and I feel we are going to see an 8500pts deca coming this summer. Is it an exaggeration? NO...he is just another proof that talent is all over the place here in the USA...keep up the great work Ashton!

Yours in Decathlon,

Blogging for Decathlon 2000
30.01.2010 21:36
Hello Everyone!

Decathlon2000 is the premier website for our favorite event...we all have the responsibility to promote this challenging event and elevate its value among the track and field fans.
As a decathlon coach I will do my best in providing my "two cents" for the development of the decathlon and help the elite ones excel.
Please do not hesitate to ask anything you want regarding the combined events.

Your in Decathlon,


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