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Ten years ago: nine millimeters saved Olympic gold medal (0)

Janek Salmistu
Sep 29, 2010

It’s September 28, 2000. Erki Nool won the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Sydney.

Nool had fouled in the first two of his three attempts in the discus during competition. On his third throw, the official first lifted a red flag, indicating foul, then switched it to white. Britain, the United States and the Czech Republic appealed the decision, but it was upheld by the competition referee, and the throw was fair.

Experts hired by the Czech Athletic Federation to analyze Erki Nool's questionable discus throw established that Nool missed overstepping by 9mm in the much-debated last attempt, which made him the gold medal winner.

Although Nool did not place first in any individual event, his total score 8641 points was the highest.

Results - Sydney 2000

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Andrei Nazarov
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