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Janek Salmistu
May 06, 2010

I am looking for a new slogan for Decathlon 2000. I am looking for a slogan which will always remain in mind of a visitor or member who visits Decathlon 2000 homepage. Remind that old sologan was "All about combined events".

Of course "All about combined events" is very good. But I will organize poll-based judgement: which slogan is the best. I received more than 50 offers via e-mail, forum and facebook.

Today's list I picked consist about 15 watchwords. Now I will share all with you:

Life is fight, decathlon is a life
Every event is the only event
Speed, Strength, Skill, Stamina, Spirit
Not for the weak at heart, only for those truly committed
Titans of Track & Field
Where Great Athletes Prove It
Track and Field's Finest
Two Days, Ten Events, One Goal
Powering the Strength of Mental Toughness
To commit to pain is to commit to the Decathlon
Mecca of Deca
Ten Events, One Focus
Ten Events, One Mindset
Single Focus, Ten Events
The Combined Events Authority

You can give a vote to your favorite slogan very soon.

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