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i could be wrong but I believe it would be eaton since he has the world record in running events at 3881 and in the same meet he went 2974 only second to tom pappas in the jumping events that would make him the highest?!?!
Re: US Olympic Trials 2012
Posted: June 23, 2012
treys 15.72 in shot put tells where his elbow is
Re: US Olympic Trials 2012
Posted: June 23, 2012
your crazy if you think clay and trey cant score A standard
barring a no height or injury

they have only been training for these 2 days since they started back training in 2008 after olympics

Clay was actually very smart to not do decathlons cause of his age he knew to have a good shot in 2012 he would have to save his body instead of doing 6 decathlons between now and then

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Ashton Eaton
B.J. Parish wrote on June 24, 2012
Congratulations to a guy who is gonna take this event to the next level in the US like Sebrle did in the rest of the world!

I think he can go way higher with good conditions. He missed many points in shot, high jump, 400, discus. If you also consider the cool weather not ideal conditions for sprinting he shoud go even faster which is scary
I would have to pick the 16m shot because javelin points are nothing until you get to 60m or so. I see your point very good point indeed.
does anyone else find it interesting that in the throwing events that when you add up the total distance for all 3 throws Bryan Clay has 141.93 and Michael Smith has 141.06. I think this is very interesting because the points turn out in Smith's favor and I know his shot value is worth more.