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Chris Vlamynck
May 31, 2010

Interview with Roman Šebrle, Götzis 2010
by Chris Vlamynck for Decathlon 2000

Roman what drives you still to perform on such a high level? Do you still love the sport like six years ago when you won the Olympics, or nine years ago when you did the world record?

I was seventeen years old when I started decathlon and at twenty-one I trained much harder. Then in 1997 I did six decathlons over eight thousand points. Now thirteen years later and at the end of my career I still love it and I hope I get the finish line of the fifteen hundred meters at the Olympics in 2012.

Do you have other goals now that you are older? For example you are a world record holder forty five times 8000 points or more and you have eight age records in decathlon and heptathlon.

No! I am still exited and still love decathlon but I don’t care for statistics. You know I even love the smell! I don’t know if you smell it? (Roman meant the smell of nature and the mountains in Götzis.)

What about the European championships this summer, since the Americans and the Cubans are not there?

Because I’m thirty five I will fight for every event and I hope for a medal!

How about the world record?

I know only one man can do it and that’s Bryan. After all records are to be broken!

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