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Natalia Dobrynska on World record: "Why not?" (1)

Apr 23, 2010

Olympic Heptathlon champion Natalia Dobrynska from Ukraine recently resumed training for the outdoor season to prepare for a tough fight for the European title in Barcelona. But not only just for the title - Dobrynska does not rule out the possibility of breaking the World record this season. The current record by the legendary Jackie Joyner-Kersee (7291) dates back to 1988. Here is her IAAF online diary:

“Hi everybody,

My everyday life goes on, and to be honest I am a bit puzzled what to tell you this time… Ok, when I have almost nothing to talk about, there is always one thing left – my favorite sport, athletics!

“After three weeks off, I have already started my preparation for the outdoor season. Up to date I’ve done just less than training sessions. I am mainly running in the forest and try to build up the basis for more specific speed work. I know there is little time left before the start of the season, but it’s ok.

“I like shorter and more intense trainings more than monotonous work on volume. When I know I have lots of time, I may lose concentration. Now I appreciate every minute and have no problem to stay focused. Experience proves that when I have little time for trainings I usually do well in the season. Let’s hope I won’t break the tradition this time!

“I am going to open my season in the end of May in Gotzis. My birthday 29 May this year is the first competition day, and I am already anticipating this. To be honest, I’ve been celebrating the birthday in Gotzis almost as long as I can remember myself! I enjoy this and do not wish anything else. And if I achieve a good result, this would be the best present.

“Apart from Gotzis, I am going to compete in Talence, and may be in Kladno, and also do some separate events on the circuit. But this is not certain and will depend on my shape. Of course the main start of the season is the European Championships in Barcelona. Hope there is no need to talk about my goals there, everyone can guess?

“Seriously, I really wish to be in good shape in Barcelona. World record? Why not, I think there are two – three athletes in the world, including myself, who seriously have it in mind. I would not completely rule out the possibility that someone can break the record already the coming season. I can’t say that it is my specific goal for the season, but deep in my heart I can dream about this. Of course my number one goal is to win. But I am may be too ambitious and at times want for myself even more.

“Now I go back to trainings, and let’s hope something interesting will happen to tell you about next month.

Take care,”


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Travis wrote on Apr 25, 2010
I think she does not rule out the possibility of breaking the European record not WORLD record....
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