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Roman Sebrle does not want to take a risk (1)

Jan 19, 2007

Roman Sebre will not start at the forthcoming meet because of a slight injury he got while in training-camp in South Africa. According to Sebrle’s manager the injury is not very serious, but Roman has decided to pass the Tallinn competition in order to be ready for and in good shape in Birmingham at the European Championships.

Manager Alfons Juck says Sebrle is sorry that he will not be able to take part in the 10th anniversary Reval Hotels Cup. Estonian spectators have hade the opportunity to enjoy the performances of the Olympic Champion and World Record Holder in Tallinn meeting altogether 7 times. Sebrle was missing only the first year of 1998 and the last time he was forced to skip the competition was in 2002. One of the best multievent atheletes of all times has taken the first place trophy back to his homeland as much as 5 times.

Roman asked to send via his manager his best regards to the Estonian fans.

Kadri Kivine

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Jiri Blazek wrote on Jan 22, 2007
Today Roman was injured by javelin that been throwed by athlete lady in training camp.
Javelin punctured his shoulder
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