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Re: Hypo Meeting Götzis 2009
Posted: May 29, 2009
Roman is in the best form for the past 3 years.

He made the perfect training without injuries and illnesses and so I expect his victory

I think that he is able to make 3 PBs in SP, DT and PV (yes, in pole vault - let us surprise you )

Im affraid that the most difficult opponent will be the weather

Good luck !
Re: 2008 Olympic Decathlon
Posted: Aug 21, 2008
My tip for medal chances & points:

(in fact this competition is really hard for tipping)

1. Clay 9000

2. Karpov 8600

3. Kraucanka 8590

4. Hardy 8580

5. Suarez 8560

6. Sysoev 8550


Sebrle DNF

Pappas DNF

..shortly I expect one man show and I believe new OR and I dream for WR

I'm looking forward to Olympic competition

Boys, good luck

Re: Osaka 2007
Posted: Aug 28, 2007
Tomas Dvorak will not enter to decathlon competition in WC 2007 Osaka fot heel injury.


famous jumps, fantastic sum
big congratulations!
Today Roman was injured by javelin that been throwed by athlete lady in training camp.
Javelin punctured his shoulder