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Roman Šebrle defends Decathlon title in Göteborg (0)

Aug 12, 2006

World record holder Roman Šebrle encountered little difficulty in retaining his Decathlon title in Göteborg European Championships after tallying 8526 points, 170 points clear of Hungary’s Attila Zsivoczky.

Zsivoczky, the bronze medallist in the World championships last year, edged Russian Aleksey Drozdov by just six points, 8356 to the Russian’s 8350 personal best. Aleksandr Pogorelov was fourth (8245) with Germany’s Pacsal Behrenbruch fifth, tallying a personal best 8209.

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Roman Šebrle
Roman Šebrle became the first decathlete ever to achieve over 9000 points, setting the World Record at 9026 points (Götzis 2001), succeeding his compatriot, Tomaš Dvorak, who had scored 8994 points two years earlier (Prague 1999).
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Roman Šebrle
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