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Bryan Clay zeroes title defense, Andre Niklaus won the gold (0)

Mar 12, 2006

Andre Niklaus

Moskva, Russia - World Indoor Championships.

American Bryan Clay, the Decathlon champion from last summer’s World Championships in Athletics, took control of the first day of the heptathlon.

On the second day, Clay showed no signs of fatigue early with a season best time of 7,83 mark in the 60m hurdles.

Clay's luck changed in the pole vault competition. He finished last after failing to surpass the height of 4.70. Germany's Andre Niklaus comes in first with a height of 5.30. Before the final event of the heptathlon, Clay leads Niklaus by just 28 points.

Niklaus won the last event in 2.47,80. Clay was fourth in the race in 2.50,92 behind Sebrle, who was second in 2.49,38. Niklaus had done enough to triumph with 6192 points. The 789 points he earned were 33 better than Clay and a dramatic, thrilling heptathlon competition had been won at the last moment by a German.

Moskva 2006 - results

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