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Damian Warner: Online interview 2014 (0)

An interview with Damian Warner. He talks about his enjoying training and competition.

His personal best decathlon result 8512 points achieved in Moskva 2013.

If you can not hear it in player, you can download the mp3 from here

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Damian Warner
Damian Warner is the Canadian decathlon record holder. He was the 4th decathlete to break the 9000-point barrier. He won an Olympic gold medal at the Tokyo Olympic Games (2021).
Götzis 2016: Second edition of the Canadian Games!
Damian Warner wins with 8523 points and my prognosis for the top three was a good one. Brianne Theisen-Eaton won the heptathlon, so this was a second edition of the Canadian Games!
Nathaniel Mechler - 3rd at the Pan American Juniors
Nathaniel sent me an e-mail and here is his message to all readers of Decathlon 2000.

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