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Adam Sebastian Helcelet loves Decathlon but hates 1500m (0)

I come from a really small village north of Czech republic. My family has had a big history since the 17th century from Switzerland. My great great grandfather (*) , was a fighter for the czech language and he had a love affair with the most famous person in czech republic, the writer Bozena Nemcova (**) . So that's about my aristocratic family tradition .

But I started training in a small city, Turnov. I did football, basketball, floorball, handball almost everything except hockey which I love the most but we don't have a stadium. I was a universalist guy so I decided to do everything and that's why I chose decathlon.

I saw Roman Sebrle and Tomas Dvorak and I wanted to beat them one day. When I was 16 , Tomas told me if I wanna train with him. I was glad. I trained with him for 4 years and then I changed my coach because Tomas didn't have time for my athletics. So now I train with Rudolf Cerny. He was the coach of Barbora Spotakova for 11 years.

My hardest event is 1500m... I really hate it because I am heavy and I can't run continually. I started athletics with hurdles so my favourite is hurdles but I like javelin, pole vault, long and high jump .

I train 6 days at week. I have never had 3 crosses on long jump. I thing decathletes are really kind guys. We are almost friends and we adore each other. I had an injury before Moscow. It was the only injury I have ever had. I have been recovering for almost half a year and now I feel good but indoor season is lost.

Now I will prepare 7 weeks in South Africa and prepare for Gotzis. But my favourite meeting is Talence. It's after the season and there is warm weather and people are good and its just fun to start there.

I think that decathlon honours the athletes who take this discipline : we are fighters. Every hero from past life will find himself in another life. And we are those fighters.

It's a challenge for me and I like that. We are different. That's why I love decathlon !

NOTES : (Francis Mayet)

(*) JAN HELCELET  :  Jan Helcelet (1812-1876), Moravian biologist and politician (more on this link, in the Czech language but you can translate with google :

(**) BOZENA NEMCOVA :  Božena Němcová (4 February 1820, Vienna – 21 January 1862, Prague) was a Czech writer of the final phase of the Czech National Revival movement.

More details here :  and there : (where Jan Helcelet is mentionned)

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