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Roman Sebrle won the 100-Minutes-Decathlon in Austria (0)

Aug 28, 2005

Roman Šebrle

Roman Sebrle won the 100-Minutes-Decathlon in Wolfsberg (Austria) with 7451 points for the third time in a row. Heavy rainshowers in Wolfsberg during the day affected the competition. Fortunately the rain stopped with the 100m-start, the conditions got better from event to event. So the Czech Olympic champion was able to master 4,80m in pole vault, heavily applauded from the public. "I am pleased with the pole vault and shot put, my javelin was not satisfying. It was a great event, even it was a rainy day."

The hungarian Attila Zsivoczky, who did a 100-minutes-decathlon for the first time, finished second with 7.234 points. "It was harder than I thought, but I will do it again." Aleksandr Pogorelov from Russia had to abandon after the discus due to a hamstring injury. At this time his score was close to Sebrle's. Organizer Georg Werthner: "I am relieved the competition could be held. One hour before, the rain was so heavy, I didn't believe it anymore. Considering this, the performances were excellent. Roman Sebrle cleared the same height in pole vault as he did in his world-record-decathlon."

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