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Sebrle triumph in Götzis (1)

May 30, 2005

Götzis, Austria - As expected the 31st edition of Hypo meeting - IAAF World Combined Events Challenge - finished with the leading world mark of the year. Tropical weather, enthusiastic spectators, the best combined eventers in the world, Götzis lived up to the world class expectations once again.

This time there was also a dramatic finale in the men’s Decathlon which ended with an unprecedent fifth meeting win a row for Czech Roman Sebrle.

The favourite won in the end, Roman Sebrle remains unbeaten in a Decathlon since is last loss at the hands of Tom Pappas (USA) at the Paris World Championships in 2003. But this time it was close. The decision was made only in the last event.

Sebrle was fighting mainly with himself and bad feelings concerning his health. He did not win the usual ground in the Discus Throw on Russia’s Aleksandr Pogorelov, the leader over night by five points), and he also lost in Pole Vault. But then Sebrle dug deep and started to save the situation in the Javelin Throw and finalised his record 5th win in Götzis in a row with an excellent display of running in the 1500m.

His score of 8534 is the worst of all his Gotzis wins but taking into account his health situation and the warm weather it remains special.´

Attila Zsivóczky scored 8480 points - and will be a major factor in Helsinki. Czech Dalibor Kupka from Prague is the coach of the top two, as Zsivóczky made his entire spring preparation with the Sebrle team.

The leader before the last event Alexandr Pogorelov bettered his best by 266 points and finished third. When he learns to throw the Javelin and trains for running his new coach Lev Lobodin could have a contender for medals at big championships on his hands.

China is sending more and more competitors to Europe and it is bearing fruit – Qi Haifeng finished fourth in new national record of 8290 points.

Götzis 2005 - results

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