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Roman Šebrle runs his way to Heptathlon title (1)

Mar 06, 2005

Roman Šebrle

Roman Šebrle (CZE) won the gold medal in European Indoor Championships with a total of 6232 points. Šebrle's goal in coming to Madrid was simply to win, as the Athens decathlon champion had not reached top competition form in his winter training. Indeed, of his twenty career heptathlon competitions, this weekend's result ranked right in the middle, in ninth place. But the gold still shines just as brightly.

Aleksandr Pogorelov (RUS), the leader going into the final event, ran as if he knew he was doomed, finishing last in the race with 2:56.32 but still holding on to win the silver with 6111 points.

The bronze medal went to Roland Schwarzl (AUT) with an aggregate 6064 points for a national record. Chiel Warners (NED) just fell short in his bid for a medal, running right behind Schwarzl and accumulating 6055 points.

Madrid 2005 - results

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