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Luiz Alberto de Araujo won the decathlon in Desenzano (1)

May 09, 2011

The Brazilian Luiz Alberto de Araujo won the decathlon in Desenzano del Garda, Italy, and beat his personal record by adding 7858 points, reaching the third best mark of the year.

Born in Artur Nogueira, São Paulo State, the 23-year surpassed the New Zealander Brent Newdick (7780) and the Tunisian Hamdi Dhouibi (7731).

The Ghanaian Margaret Simpson took the heptathlon at the 6270 points total, ahead of Russian Marina Gonchareva (5995), winner in 2010.

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Christoph wrote on May 09, 2011
7858 - good score for de Araujo, I think he did well in all events (according to his PBs)
and 6210 good for Simpson.
I expected a little more from Newdick, Schwarzl and Dhouibi.
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