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Re: wc moscow pronostic
Posted: Aug 09, 2013
1. Eaton (around 8800)
2. Hardee (around 8650)

Then completely open fight for 3rd
... Schrader, Behrenbruch, Krauchanka, Sintnicolaas, Suarez, Warner

I have four different Excel sheets to adjust the forecasts with actual results during the competition
Topic: Thorpe Cup 2013
Posted: July 26, 2013
Next weekend Thorpe Cup in Chula Vista, California

Decathlon Handbook & Media Guide by Frank Zarnowski

Arthur Abele (after the injury he got during warmup for the 110m hurdles German Champs was replaced by Steffen Fricke.

We may see a live stream here:
Topic: Unversiade 2013 Kazan
Posted: July 07, 2013
maybe we'll get some information here too

Decathlon on Monday and Tuesday

Knobel, Sviridov, Newdick, van der Plaetsen, Kharlamov are on start list.

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Kai Kazmirek
Christoph wrote on July 29, 2014
14,34m SP, Marburg 26.07.2014
62,75m JT, Marburg 27.07.2014
Arthur Abele
Christoph wrote on July 29, 2014
15,11m SP, Marburg, 26.07.2014
44,69m DT, Marburg, 27.07.2014
5.01m PV, Marburg, 27.07.2014
Arthur Abele
Christoph wrote on Aug 25, 2013
And another PB today in javelin: 69.53m