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Three questions from Francis Mayet (0)

Francis Mayet
Dec 23, 2011

Meanwhile, as I am a correspondant for the Estonian site Decathlon 2000, could you answer a few questions shortly for the site :
1. Your opinion about your year 2011
2. How you feel these days
3. Your aims for 2012


Internet here is not really good, so first my answers to teh 3 questions you asked.

1) I had a good year in 2011, my aim was to get a higher "standard level" which I achieved (8304, 8298, 8170), so hopefully I can make another step in 2012!

2) I feel good, we are on trainingcamp in South Africa, together with my decathlon trainingpartner, Rudy Bourguignon. We also train a lot together with Hans van Alphen. which is really fun! We stay here in South Africa till the 10th of January.

3) My aims for 2012 are in the Olympics. Hopefully i have two of my best days ever so I can fight for the medals.

Kind regards,
Eelco Sintnicolaas


Hello Francis!
As for the questions, here are my answers:

1. My 2011 season was very disappointing for me. I tried to juggle training with a full-time job, and unfortunately my training took a major hit. Despite my 2011 season shortcomings, I am more motivated than ever to have a phenomenal 2012 season.
2. I am feeling fabulous now! I am solely concentrating on my training, and I feel so good. I'm more fit than I've ever been and look to excel in my meets to come.
3. The 2012 goal is to make the USA Olympic team. Other smaller goals will fall into place when this happens.


Bettie Wade

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