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LIVE from Daegu: first impressions of Romain Barras (1)

Tell us about the facilities in Korea.

The weather is heavy and humid (about 30 degrees). I just hope the rain will not go on for the decathlon . I prefer the sun and heat, as most people (lol). The World Cup Stadium is a magnificent stadium that is half covered, very impressive. The warm-up track is also very good. And when it comes to the hotel where I stay with the rest of the team athletes from France, it is perfect. The apartments are very spacious (large bathrooms, spacious lounges, large rooms). The only problem is ... the traffic jam at the self (lol)

 Are you confident for these Championship after your title in France and what is your goal?
The title of Champion of France in Albi  is a little sunlight in the darkness of the season but hey, I was injured for a long time this winter. So even if the title of Champion of France is a small satisfaction, I am still disappointed with my whole season. It does not reflect my abilities right now. My hip still bothers me over hurdles. The Achilles tendon, however, bothers me a bit more and really bothers me for jumping events (high, pole vault, long). So, since there are many parameters that play against me such as my repeated injuries, I do not aim for medals. My aim is rather to make the best "perfs" I have made in each discipline. And if I can make 8200 points qualifiers for the Olympic Games in London in 2012, I'd be very happy.

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Daniel Urien wrote on Aug 28, 2011
Romain made a good 8134 (11th at the WC and season best) and his 31 > 8000 points career !
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