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Ashton Eaton - set to break World Record in Tallinn (0)

Feb 03, 2011

The world record holder in heptathlon, Ashton Eaton, has come to Tallinn with the intention of breaking his own world record of 6499. He is going to aim at 6500 points at the international heptathlon competition taking place on February 5-6 in Tallinn.

Eaton is not afraid to reveal his high ambitions, “That’s true, I do hope to finish with my best score ever and to break the current world record.”

This year the international heptathlon competition is held within the Estonian Championships and doesn’t bear the name Reval Cup as it used to. Even though it hasn’t been organised by Erki Nool, the list of competitors is still rather spectacular.

In addition to Eaton, the list includes the living legend Roman Šebrle from the Czech Republic, the silver medallist at the European Championships Eelco Sintnicolaas from Holland and Jake Arnold from the USA. The Estonian number one heptathlete to start the competition on Saturday is Andres Raja, who showed some good results a couple of days ago in shot put (15.25) and in hurdles (7,87).

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