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Re: Optimal training/workout scheduling
Posted: Nov 06, 2016
I would lean more towards option 2

Looks OK but you don't need to split session in two weights straight after session.

You can do recovery runs (endurance/trmpo) on the grass (2000/2500m in total). I think best is AM. With circuits in fitness suite or with medball or kettleballs.

I don't understand your Wednesday.
"Hurdles+ ' Short' Speed Endurance(3- 4x 80m or 2- 3x 120m)+ Plyometrics"
Running hurdles meets already two other qualities that you are trying to work on and you have to be carefully with all your elastic strength exercises (Plyometrics) while having in the programme sprints and jumps already.
Maybe Pole Vault+hurdles would be interesting option.

Same as Tuesday or OFF.

You can do some jumps and maybe shot and finish with your Special Endurance from Saturday.

Same as Tuesday and Thursday.

Re: Training Critique
Posted: Nov 06, 2016
Monday, this is one risky workout, volume is very high. Intensity is high, the risk is very high of injury.
Risk vs reward?
Hurdles drills are quite intensive exercise+ you are doing steps with 500m volume of high intensity running
10x50m? How fast are those runs? what's the recovery?
If it's acceleration than I can only assume that you are doing at least 90% of max.

Intensive tempo.
Why would you run quite hard back to back?

Wednesday workout in my opinion should be on Tuesday.

Thursday: looks good

Friday again why would you have such a high volume?
If she's 12.3 100m she'll be going around 90% for each 100 I doubt it that she can do 10x in 14 sec with walk back or 2min.

Either you are going to have high volume and poor quality or you are going to have good quality and lower volume, you cannot have both.
Re: Weight Training
Posted: Apr 18, 2015

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