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Topic: pole vault record in decathlon
Posted: Sep 15, 2013
Lavillenie is trying to beat lobinger's 5.76m in decathlon (7346)pts, but i cannot find anywhere the details of lobinger's decathlon.

Does anybody know the details?

Thank you very much
Re: wc moscow pronostic
Posted: Aug 11, 2013
no surprise for the first place ; eaton et shrader and for the podium mayer can come back if he makes 15s better than warner.
For the others, there are too far and not good enough at the 1500m.
It looks like warner will be and the box though.
Re: wc moscow pronostic
Posted: Aug 10, 2013
after two events, deathletes who still have chance to get a medal or finalist :
eaton, scharder, berhrenbuch, suarez, sintnicolaas, chinin, hardee,warner

mayer, freimuth, nixon(impressive!! i can't wait the hj!)

that makes a lot of people, it should be tight from 2nd to 8th.

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