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Harry Marra
May 08, 2012

SHOT PUT (Shuffle Style)


STEP # 1.Photo by Olavi Kaljunen /

The BEAUTY of the shuffle style of shot putting is that it ENABLES the athlete to land in the middle of the circle in the correct position (functional power position) 19 out of 20 times !!!  It is a very simple skill, compared to the traditional glide style. You must discipline yourself to release from the back of the circle with a “ SET POSTURE/POSITION “ and land in the middle of the ring with the SAME posture/position EACH AND EVERY TIME; be it a practice situation; be it all comers meets; be it the Olympic Games. Every time!

STEP # 2. ( Middle of the ring/circle )

“ TURN ON IT “ with hip/leg/left arm in the middle of the ring, all the while keeping your head on your right shoulder ( right handed throwers ) and maintaining the established position/posture from Step # 1 above. This step # 2 can also be called the PATIENCE PHASE.

STEP # 3.

If Step #’s 1 and 2 are done correctly, then all of the set up work is done and in place….so now here in Step # 3, SIMPLY EXPLODE ON IT.  ie…pop shoulder, pop legs, strike hard and fast, finish completely, flick wrist, pop full right side, etc.etc.

SIMPLE SUMMARY OF ABOVE: ( These could be cues!!)

1. START & LAND CORRECTLY ( in middle of circle )



Harry Marra, Coach, OTC Elite Combined  Events

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