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Harry Marra

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Combined Events Coach, USA
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Re: The smallest decathlete
Posted: Jan 04, 2015
How about JEFF BENNETT? Oklahoma Christian College/USA...4th in Munich '72. PR of 8000+ . Now exactly sure, but maybe 1.74 and 160 pounds.
Re: coaching seminars
Posted: Dec 18, 2012
There will be a Combined Events Seminar, put on by Coach Harry Marra and athletes Ashton Eaton and Brianne Theisen, in Santa Barbara, California, February 3, 2013. Contact Coach Josh Preister for detailed information:

We hope you can join us.
Re: Olympic Games London 2012
Posted: Aug 12, 2012
Shouldn't make an assumption without knowing some FACTS first...Eaton did not continue in PV at 5.30 because of quad tightness that came on at the moment of his successful 5.20 clearance...therefore, same approach we took in 1500M...had to run this in full control so as to avoid any major problems...when an athlete enters the Olympic Games area, there is only one purpose...WIN...records, scores, etc are to be thrown out the door...GOLD was the mission for Eaton..he accomplished it

Ashton Eaton, Pole Vault 5.40m . New PR at Flotrack Throwdown Meet, August 8, 2015, Portland, OR. First place.
I have just read your introduction to your book. Very interesting. I am excited to read it completely.
Maybe I shall see you in Gotzis, Austria in a few weeks.
Best regards,
Harry Marra