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Harry Marra
Apr 17, 2016

We are in Santa Barbara, California now since March 27....will remain here as a training base until May 1. Ashton and Brianne did selected events this past weekend at both the BRYAN-CLAY-INVITE and the MT SAC RELAYS. Results were very good for the first outdoor meetings of the season.

We return to Eugene, Oregon in early May and they both compete in the OREGON TWILIGHT MEET on May 6 ( weather permitting) selected events maybe high jump/400m for Ashton and javelin throw/100 m hurdles for Brianne.

Then we are off to Europe in mid May... will compete at the Meeting in Ostrava and then after a few more days of training in Prague, Brianne and I are off to Götzis and Ashton returns to Oregon for the 110 m hurdles race at the PRE CLASSIC.

One full week of recovery for Brianne after Götzis and then Harry Jerome Meeting for both in mid June. Brianne will contest maybe one/two events at the Canada Trials in early July and Ashton will contest the decathlon at the US Trials on July 2-3.

Some rest for both after this and then off to our training base in Brazil for final preparations for the Games.

Both are in full health and very much looking forward to Rio. Preparations continue to go smoothly.

Kind regards,
Harry Marra, Coach

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