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Sep 17, 2010

That's probably one of the most adequate descriptions for the decathletes. During their competition, they have to achieve more than most other athletes. Their competitions don't just last about an hour in total as for a 100m sprinter or a long jumper. Rather they have to keep concentrated for over 10 hours over two days. Often they are the first to enter the competition site and are among the last to leave in the evening.

And they also have to practice much more, than most other athletes. Its not enough for a decathlete to be successful in just one kind of event, but they need to be able to achieve (quite) good results in throwing events as well as running or jumping disciplines. This requires a lot of practice and hard work of course.

And even though they manage to achieve all that, they often don't get the attention especially by the media that they actually deserve. At least on German TV there are hardly any reports on decathlon meetings, just during international competitions or perhaps the meeting in Ratingen. Other meetings are hardly mentioned, perhaps just a little note in the newspaper's sports section.

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