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Feb 24, 2020

Let's get international:

  • Great Britain / USA: decathlon
  • Germany: zehnkampf
  • France: décathlon
  • Spain: decatlón
  • Portugal: decatlo
  • Italy: decathlon
  • Netherlands: tienkamp
  • Sweden: tiokamp
  • Norway: tikamp
  • Denmark: tikamp
  • Estonia: kümnevõistlus
  • Finland: kymmenottelu
  • Hungary: tízpróba férfi
  • Latvia: desmitcīņa
  • Iceland: tugžraut
  • Russia: десятиборье
  • Czech Republic: desetiboj
  • Croatia: desetoboj
  • Poland: dziesieciobój
  • Turkey: dekatlon

We are sorry for any mistakes of course; any corrections or proposals are welcome...

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