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Feb 25, 2020

For a "normal" person, Estonia actually doesn't mean anything. Probably you might know, that it's a small country in Eastern Europe, admitted into the European Union.

Perhaps, when you see the names on the map, you might find out, that they speak quite a strange language, totally unlike any other language you know (unless you're from Finland)

But for us decathlon fans, Estonia has a very special meaning. Even though it's quite small, they seem to "produce" world class decathletes, especially of course Erki Nool, Olympic champion in Sydney. Today other athletes like, Maicel Uibo, Janek Õiglane or Johannes Erm seems to suceed him.

And, last but not least, you must not forget the "men in yellow", the "ENFC", Erki Nool's fan club, that travelled throughout the world to support him during all his competitions and that made every Götzis visit a lot better for us! We will certainly miss them now…!

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Erki Nool
In 1997, Estonian sports enthusiasts founded the Erki Nool Fan Club, and about 200 members of this group accompany him to the various international competitions in which he participates. Erki won an Olympic gold medal at the Sydney Olympic Games …

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