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Wouldn't it be nice to put a decathlon meet together against other sport athletes, and see who is truly the greatest athlete.
I scored 7337 between 7500 last season, in missouri. pretty shaby for my expectations but they this is the old man event.
I appreciate it, no hand times all accutrack, I will compete alot more this upcoming season, I want the world to know Im out there. I was mainly a sprinter, but found losing the weight caused me to lose too much power, and the ladies didnt like it!lol So I like staying at 200 downside for me are my jumping events aren't spectacular, and I'm nervous on the hurdles and pole vault. 2 events you need a tremendous core strength for in my opinion. I'm going to be training with former NFL safety Aneas Williams and my family friend Muna Lee this season, overall athletics, My once I become balanced there is no reason why I can't be competitive in the Decathlon, I have only competed in 2 major meets, in college I only did 100, 200, 4x100 and 4x400. I took some years off to raise my son, still in excellent shape though at 28.

It was good to see Clay win, I hope to compete against him if he decides to compete over the next 2 seasons