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Topic: About statistics
Posted: July 16, 2008
About the list of the 10 best performers I can say that as far as Frank Zarnovski and TFN goes Bryan Brophys best in the discus is the 53.84 he threw in Talence 1992. The 54.08 that is stated in Your list is in fact a javelin performance.

About the javelin I think that it is a problem to have Wentz 75.08 in the list since that mark was done before the rule change for the javelin. If You take that throw You should also include all the other throws with the old javelin and that would mean a completely different list.

For the junior all time list I think You should add Yordani Garcias 8257 from Osaka 2007.

I keep all sorts of lists for the decathlon myself and I have had very good help from Your site.


If You are interested I could send You my performances list with the 10 best performances over all for both seniors and juniors.

Do You have a list of all Peter Blanks decathlons?

Jan Nyberg


This is a 5 star article. I love this kind of lists. Keep on the good work.

Jan Nyberg
Theese list are excellent. I Wonder do You have the careers of Dietmar Jentsch Herbert Peter available. I would very much want to have more information about their results in other decathlons.

If You want to I could send You my lists with the 10 best performances in the indvidual events for both seniors and juniors.