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21 years old , high jumper at the moment , thinking about decathlon
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Re: Potential decathlete
Posted: July 08, 2008
thats nice results for a 15 year old , but what about the jumps?
Re: I'm new here and have couple questions
Posted: July 03, 2008
yeah thanks, i can see that the people here are friendly =) and i will start practice in about 3 weeks , need to rest from long bad season ... i got the desire my friend and hope i could escape any big injures and be ready to compite in a several months maybe even with you :B keep in touch dimitry and good luck!
Re: I'm new here and have couple questions
Posted: July 01, 2008
dima , thank you for your help and all the information you give me and you right - we dont have any multi event elite athletes here ...

so when can i see the competitions list? and the standarts that i need to get into them?

and one more rewuest from you - can you post me your results to the hepthatlon? i wanna see if i can get into your range and maybe we will even meet in the meeting that you are planing in europe next year :B

sorry about my broken english my russian is better

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