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Posted: Mar 07, 2007
Hi there Bishop,

South Africa offers outstanding weather conditions for athletes to both train and compete in especially in the north, Gauteng, Rustenburg, Potchefstroom area (our athletic season is primarily over the spring and summer months September to April which sees our national championships being held) and several overseas athletes visit here to take advantage of these conditions. Unfortunately prowess in the decathlon event in the country is lacking so it is a somewhat of neglected event in our athletics program



Daley Thompson
Dudley Ristow wrote on Aug 23, 2009
The mega sports Hero of my more youthful period - who can possibly forget the glory of the decathlon battlefields on which Daley and Jurgen Hingsen fought with such a small sum of final points separating these two decathlon legends?
Roman Šebrle
Dudley Ristow wrote on Aug 23, 2009
Only man over 9000 points, 6 times (out of a total of 22) over 8800 points, stands 4th on the Personal Best rating, holds the top position in points over the 10 best decathlons by an athlete, rates 7th in the best lst day competition, 5th in the best 2nd day competition. Sebrle is the superman of athletics !