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Thomas Van der Plaetsen @vanderplaetsen replying via Twitter:

Definitely possible, but maybe it depends on the style of athlete... I hardly saw the gym (had done a bit of upper body, but no Olympic lifts) until i was 20-21 & had scored 8000+. As a junior, scoring 7700, i hadn't lifted at all (had only done some gymnastics for strength).
Re: Berlin 2018 European Championships
Posted: Aug 07, 2018
Arthur Abele have very good chances to become an European Champion because Kevin Mayer is out of competiton. Or is there more favorites after day one?
Re: Berlin 2018 European Championships
Posted: Aug 06, 2018
As you maybe know, since Kevin Mayer realised 52m at discus and 10.66sec on the sprint in Ratingen, he can really expect to beat WR in Berlin? Even more impressive was his attempt on heigth 5.60m at pole vault (Rouen in this summer). Also he achieved own shot put mark to the 16.51m in Paris!

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Zach Ziemek
Janek Salmistu wrote on Sep 11, 2019
Shot Put 14.82m but dnf in Des Moines.
I suppose he will improve us with new personal record...
Hallo Jens! Thank you for commendation! Really, EU Ch meeting record in LJ is 7.93m by Daley... because Roman Šebrle jumps 7.92m in München 2002.