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Henry Vildosola

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Woodcrest Christian High - 2010
Baylor University - 2015

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Decathlon 7365
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Re: What attracts you to the decathlon?
Posted: Sep 04, 2011
For me, I love the camaraderie between decathletes. I've yet to see another event with competitiors that are as supportive or encouraging as the multis. At the same time, the competition is fierce and the training is grueling. 10 events in 2 days that require all of your physical abilities, and ending with a race to see who has the most guts; there is no better test of athleticism. I also like that fact that it takes a long time to become great at. You aren't automatically a great dec just because you're strong or fast, you must find a way to express your athleticism in ten different ways. You must figure out your own way to master every event, even if it takes years of training and retraining certain habits.
But I think the part that keeps me going is the chase for perfection. The thought of that perfect competition when you can put together ten of your best events in sequence; when you can leave the track with no regrets, because you know you couldn't have done any better.

Oh and B.J., I believe the tiebreaker goes to whoever scored higher in the most events, so you were right
Posted: Aug 05, 2011
I got my money on Eaton
In his prime, I think Michael Jordan would be a possiblity. According to him, he cleared 6'5" in high jump and 23' in long jump in high school while "fooling around". He played a lot of baseball and golf, so he probably has some decnt rotational strength. Also, he's 6'6" and has long levers and a pretty high release point. He's probably a decent natural sprinter. Obviously he'd need training, but he definitely has a pretty impressive foundation to start from

I agree with David and BJ. Trust me, I'm well aware that he wasn't a true freshman this season, but there's no denying the facts. He's 20 and has gone 8000. You're right, he's not the traditional decathlete. He's not freakishly fast in the sprints or going 8 meters in the long jump like Eaton (but who is?), and he has a lot of work to do in the throws, but I think that just gives him the opportunity to be different. Everyone keeps saying he'd be better off switching to middle distance, but I don't think so. Why should he? He's still improving, and that's what it's all about. According to his personal bests on tfrrs, he has 7 events that are 850 and over. So he has 3 weak events, which is really just one weakness: throwing. He's only 20 (almost 21) and has one weak event type; I can't see how you could tell a decathlete in his position to switch. He's getting better, and everything I've seen and heard about him tells me he will continue to, and hopefully he'll become a better thrower. But that aside, the fact is he's young, improving, and already at the top of the NCAA. I've always been taught to never count the 1500 runners out in the dec, because they can always make up huge ground at the end.

So I'm just saying, don't count him out.
Yes, you're correct. He did 13 events that day, I dont think it came into play in shot and discus as much, but Im pretty sure he walked back from the 110 hurdles at 39" to do them at 42" with virtually no break. With shot and disc, he's not scoring a lot anyway, but hurdles is one of his more important events and I honestly don't see how he was able to run 14.7 after that. I wish he wouldve picked just one decathlon to do that meet so we could see what he was capable of.
gary, you make a really good point. I wasn't aware of all of those high-caliber performances before the conversions took place. And if what you're saying is true, then the New Mexico kid (Beach) doesn't deserve the national record. However, I think you're not giving him near the credit he deserves. He scored 7909 with the high school implements and 7466 with the collegiate implements while in high school. That's right up there with some of the best we've had in America as far as juniors are concerned