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All-time Decathlon ranking after each event
Here's a unique compilation named Decathlon ranking after each event. You can see ranking transition of specific decathletes on same competition, or may use it as a guideline for predicting final around score at several events remainded and so on. …
All-time 1st & 2nd Day Scores Ranking (200 Performances & 200 Performers)
Here's a deep compilation for 1st and 2nd day scores at Decathlon competitions, which would cover whole cometitions even dnf or disclaimer results. I would as always welcome any additions not in the lists. Yoshiaki OIKAWA.
All-time Decathlon ranking by category
Here's a compilation for Decathlon total score ranking by each category such as running, jumping and throwing events. It would cover for the last 60 years and target for whole results without any restriction, therefore it includes marks which …
World Heptathlon rankings 1999 - 2020
Detailed heptathlon’s competition lists of past years and current season.
World Decathlon rankings 1956 - 2019
Detailed decathlon’s competition lists of past years and current season.
Yang Chuan-kwang
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1-20 / 32