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Re: Thorpe Cup 2012
Posted: July 21, 2012
Anyone have a link to the results?
Re: US Olympic Trials 2012
Posted: June 24, 2012
Eaton is now number 4 in the score by PBs overtaking (who else?) Sebrle.
His WR is largely because of his jumping performaces. His 8,23 - 2.05 - 5.30 equates to 2,974. This is the second best all-time performance behind Pappas 2985. The bad weather in the HJ cost him the chance of this record.
I think that over the next two years Eaton will threat O'brien position as the most talenteed decathlete ever
Re: US Olympic Trials 2012
Posted: June 20, 2012
Not even sure that the big three are going to get the "A" standard.
Clay didn't finish decathlon in the last two year and Hardee is recovering from an operation.
As for other deathliest:
Arnold - the only one with a PB higher than 8,200 but he also is not 100% healthy (SB of 7840)
Beach - very talented but his throws are so bad that even Eaton looks good compare to him
Murphy - see Beach
Morrison - injured
So I would be surprised if more than three deathliest will get the "A" mark

I would add the 400 to the adventages that Eaton got over Sebrle.
I believe that the WR is in his reach today, but he will need the perfect competition.
For example:
10.35, 7.90, 14.80, 2.08, 46.1, 13.45, 46.00, 5.20, 58.00, 4:20.00
are all within his current form and will give him 9,030 WR.
But, I also believed in the past that Clay (and Hardee) can break this record and proven (so far) wrong. So having the potential is obviously not enough.