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K.Mayer´s record, one fall to think

Latest post: Sonnemann,Gunther, Sep 29, 2018
Posted: Sep 21, 2018
Kevin Mayer has set a new record in the decathlon with 9126 points.
However, is he really better there hums of the single achievements than the present
record holder Asthon Eaton ?
Besides , the assesment differences of the achievements Mayer/Eaton to IAAF
are compared to a comparison chart ( my new NBL-tablet)
Where the point differences change substantially, one must see what this lies with.

Example javeling throw :

Mayer throws with 71,90 m in a area where the achievements are overrated.
Overrated because 93,30 m javeling are only so good after points IAAF as
41,47 seconds more than 400 m or 9,40 seconds more than 100 m.
Mayer gets for it 918 points to IAAF , Eaton for his 63,63 m with his WR 793 points , so 125 points difference.
After real table " NBL " the point projection of Mayer reduce in tje javeling throw about 22 points.

In the following disciplines Mayer is valued after IAAF - evaluation also to much . :
100 m = 27 points 400m = 31 p. discus= 30 p.

In the sum about all disciplines Mayer might get only 9008,4 points after real
table " NBL" , so less than WR Eaton ( = 9024 p. ) both to " NBL " .

Mayer has to owe his new WR only to one notfair evaluation to IAAF.
The WR would have to hold furthermore Ashton Eaton.

in greater detail in :

point II/ N.2/8
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Posted: Sep 21, 2018
Hello Gunther,

You make a valid case for a global table revision.

However, the latest changes date back to when the new javelin was introduced so there was no unfair treatment towards Eaton: he knew how to earn points and trained accordingly. Ditto for Mayer. The had to make the most out of this and Mayer outscored Eaton, full stop.

I am sure that changing the table would make athletes and coaches change their tactics which would produce different results.
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Posted: Sep 22, 2018
hello Thomas ,
Athletes and trainers are also directed after how much point increase brings her
achievements potential.
This is o.k.
A better achievement must brings more points, but how many ?
This must be fair about all disciplines. However the current table IAAF does not
create this.
For the decathlon. Are 45,00 seconds not more than 400 m any more worth
than 19,36 m shut putting ?
Such inequalities can make a final reault decathlon wrong.
It is not about single, but about the faire assesment for all.
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Posted: Sep 24, 2018
My point is: if Mayer had been aware that 1s over 400m was worth more than 1m in the shot put, then he would have trained in order to achieve 47"50 over 400rather than 16,50 in the shot put.

Decathlon is not about "is 19,36 worth more than 45,00?", it's about maximizing your point total over ten events knowing the associated scoring table.

I like the approach of this previous post:

It's interesting to note than KM point difference between his PB and the sum of his 10 individual PBs is 298, lowest of the top 10 list.

There is no doubt Dan O'Brien and Ashton Eaton are better athletes. But Mayer is the best decathlete whatever the scoring table says.
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Posted: Sep 29, 2018
hello Thomas ,
the confrontation single achievments to combined event resultat is interesting.
I think, would have Mayer still better single achievments if he denied the disciplines
more often in the competition.
Then the difference sum of the single achievments points to combined event
points would be bigger.
However, for combined events is importent how well the disciplines are valued after points.
In aadition my opinion is known.
Nevertheless, Kevin mayer is of course a fantastical athlet.
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