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New Masters World Record for Simon Poelman (0)

June 30, 2004

Last weekend on 26/27 June at the regional championships of Niedersachsen/Germany Simon Poelman from New Zealand smashed the M40 Masters World Record of Wolfgang Linkmann (GER) who scored age graded 7789 points in 1981.

Simon Poelman scored impressive age graded 8277 points (7180 p. non-age graded score)! His results are: 11,63/+0.6 - 6,73/+1.3 - 15,20 - 1,92 - 53,58 - 15,24/-1.3*) - 40,31 - 4,50 - 55,52 - 4.54,42 *) age graded hurdles height.

His first approach to the Masters World Record Simon did last year at the national Championships in Reutte/Austria. He started there with very good 11,44 in the 100 Meters but injured in the long jump and later had to quit. His first international success he had in 1987 - there he placed 6th at the World Championships, and with his season best of 8366 points he was ranked 4th in the World list. His last competition before his comeback he did in 1998 at the Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur, where he placed 11th with 7425 points. After this event Simon got into serious troubles, and it took him a long time, to find back to Athletics.

In the european winter Simon competed at the national Championships in New Zealand. With age graded 7603 he came close to the world record. But he had problems with his calf, so he missed the record. At 12/13 June in Landquart/SWZ this year he started his second Decathlon. The weather was bad there an he no highted in the High Jump. But Simon already showed that he was ready for the Masters Record with the events he did: 11,40/+3.6 - 6,48/+1.1 - 14,84 - 0 - 55,40 - 15,18/+3.2 - 39,23 - DNS.

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