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Feb 25, 2020

During the season decathletes compete relatively separated from the rest of the athletics world. They have their very own special meetings (together with the heptathletes of course). Many of these meetings have a long tradition, like the Hypo Meeting in Götzis and Decastar in Talence which has been held for 40 years now. As these meetings are held in quite small and unknown cities with small competition sites, the atmosphere is mostly very familiar and pleasant.

Usually, the results at these meetings are really good, better often than at big competitions like the Olympic Games, World or European Championships. For example both Dan O'Brien and Kevin Mayer achieved their world records at Talence. Both Daley Thompson and Roman Šebrle achieved their world records at Götzis. Daley achieved it twice!

You can find links to the most important decathlon meetings in Meetings section.

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